Boekenlijst Engels 2020-2021

donderdag 25 juni 2020

  • Billy Elliot (M. Burgess)
  • A Monster Calls (P. Ness)
A3 + project
  • Noughts and Crosses (M. Blackman)
A4 Theme immigration
  • Read 2 books from the following list:
  • American Dirt (J. Cummins)
  • Girl in Translation (J. Kwok)
  • The Other Hand (C. Cleave)
  • Behold the Dreamers (I. Mbue)
A5 + literary history + Theme Dystopia
  • A midsummernight’s dream (W. Shakespeare) verplicht
  • Bookpresentation on one book of your own choice.
    Read 1 book from the following list:
    1984 (G. Orwell)
    Brave New World (A. Huxley)
    The Handmaid’s Tale (M. Atwood)
    Never Let Me Go (K. Ishiguro)

A6 + literary history

  • 3 books:
    The Picture of Dorian Gray (O. Wilde) verplicht

    And read 2 books written between 1660 and 1918 eg:
    Robinson Crusoe (D. Defoe)
    Gulliver’s travels (J. Swift)
    Pride & Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, etc (J. Austen)
    Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights etc (Brontë)
    Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, etc (C. Dickens)
    Frankenstein (M. Shelley)
    Dracula (B. Stoker)
    The Time Machine (H.G. Wells)
  • Matilda (R. Dahl)
  • Choice from the Early Blackbirds
H3 + project
  • The Giver (L. Lowry)
H4 + project
  • The Hate U Give (A. Thomas)
  • Short Story Reader
  • Read 2 books from the following list:
    Room (E. Donoghue)
    Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (J. Safran Foer)
    The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (D. Adams)
    The Time Traveller’s Wife (A. Niffenegger)
    The Road (C. McCarthy)